Hey, my name's Judy. I'm 16 years youunng. I live in New Jersey and i'm a Senior in high school. Music is my number one passion. I love to sing & i play bass guitar. Dougie Poynter(from McFly) inspired me to start playing bass. I go to tons of concerts. I've seen & met You Me At Six 3 times. Those of you who don't know, they're my favorite band. Warped Tour '10 opened my eyes to new music. It was the best experience & I now go every year. Seeing Blink 182 was an amazing time in my life and i will never forget how incredible they are. Ohh & Oct. 17th made me the happiest person EVER. So yeah, get to know me & follow me on Twitter. (:

Bands I'm diggin': You Me At Six. Blink 182. We Came As Romans, Pierce The Veil. Sleeping With Sirens. Miss May I. Green Day. All Time Low. Abandon All Ships. Asking Alexandria. I See Stars. Attack! Attack. McFly. We Are The Ocean. Set Your Goals. Drugs. Mod Sun. BMTH. ADTR. Etc:)
Music= Life


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Anatome by Jaime Preciado

Cause i swore that I’ll be just fine when you’re gone
but my body misses you like the sun
but something inside still feels wrong 
maybe it was you all along. 

I thin his voice i just perfect c”: awww.

everything about jaime is perfect my goodness bby

Seriously, so fucking beautiful

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the whole of paint you wings increased by four pitches

i take requests

claim as your own and i hunt you down and eat your parents

this is actually perfect

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